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Visit the Hirose Electric team at "Automate 2019" to see how Hirose Electric can deliver interconnect solutions to satisfy all of your design requirements.
On display will be a selection of Hirose's user friendly, space saving designs with information on products and technologies for next-generation robot, machine vision, motion control, and data center applications.

About Automate 2019

・ Multi-purpose small-sized I/O connector for
    industrial machinery
・ Conforming to IEC Standard IEC PAS 61076-3-124
・ Compact size, robust and high speeds
・ High EMC resistance

・ Quick and secure single action positive lock structure
・ Easy operation simplifies maintenance especially in
    narrow and dimly lit places
・ Easy connection with standard ring terminals
・ Highly reliable connection with unique contact spring

・ Reversible interface for easy mating
・ Conforms to the USB type-C standard
・ Supports 10Gbps Transmission (USB 3.1 Gen.2)
・ Clear tactile click (Excellent locking)
・ Design with superior mechanical strength

・ 0.5mm pitch
・ Stacking (Height : 15 - 30mm)/vertical
・ Contacts available :
    20/40/60/80/100/120 for signal + 4 for power source
・ Floating movable amount :
    X direction : ±0.6mm ; Y direction: ±0.6mm

8-11 April, 2019

About Hirose Electric

Hirose Electric is a global leader, of outstanding quality interconnect products for electronic applications. Hirose engineering and sales teams work closely with customers to meet their needs and provide optimal support during all aspects of a project.

Product Highlights

・ 0.8mm Pitch
・ Variations : Stacking / Vertical
・ Number of Contacts : 10, 20. 30. 40. 50. 60. 70.
    80. 100. 120pos
・ Compatible with Samtec's Edge Rate®

・ Positive lock provides clear tactile click and secures relable connection
・ Wide variation
・ Secure Side-locking design
・ Prevents incorrect mating

・ High current capacity
・ Secure lock mechanism ensures complete mating
・ Highly reliable 5-point contact structure
・ Molded lance design