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Hirose Electric is a leading company providing connecting solutions. We are going to exhibit at "electronica India".

About Hirose Electric

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Hirose Electric provide wide variety of leading edge connectors to automotive, smart device, telecom, industrial fields and others. You will be able to see some of our best products at our booth and there is more than that. 
Our products will bring you technical advantages and contribute to more space-saving and user-friendliness.

BM29 series
Ultra-small, Power/Signal Contact Design for Board-to-Board/FPC-to-Board providing 3A max current

- Space-saving design
  Compact and flexible design  
  ideal for mobile devices.
- 0.35mm Pitch, 1.5mm Depth,
  0.6mm Stacking height


Hirose Electric Solutions

GT32 series 
Shielded connector for high speed transmission / USB3.0, HDMI1.4

- Full shielded structure
- Suitable for in-vehicle shielded


GT36 series  
For antenna connection, Integrates AM-FM, SDARS, GPS, Bluetooth, and Cell

- Frequency range from DC to
- Board connector straight type/
  Cable connector right-angle type


BF4M series
Optical Active Connector

- Optical transmissions achieved
 by simplified electrical
- High-speed, signal transmissions
  with no EMI noise
- Highly flexible optical fibers


X.FL series  
Low-Profile, Ultraminiature Lightweight SMT Coaxial Connectors

- A Low mated height of 0.94 or
  1.2 mm (maximum of 1.0 or 1.3   mm)
- Minimal mounting area required


EF2 series 
Single Action Positive Lock, Power In-line Connector

- Quick and secure single action positive lock structure
- Easy operation simplifies maintenance in narrow and dimly lit place


CX series  
Minimized size USB Type-C Connector

- Mid-mount & minimized length
  design, USB Type-C interface

- Hybrid type supporting repair


DF60 series
EnerBee:65A 10.16mm pitch Wire-to-Board Connectors for Internal Power Supply

- High current capacity
- Secure lock mechanism ensures
  complete mating
- Highly reliable 5-point contact


Date : September 14-16,2017
Location : Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India


ix Industrial

Hirose Electric and HARTING have jointly standardized a new miniaturized Ethernet mating interface in compliance with IEC/PAS 61076-3-124. The ix Industrial TM socket size is reduced by 70% compared to the existing RJ45 modular connectors, and offers ideal space saving cabling for applications with miniaturized requirements.

- Size Reduction
- One-touch lock design
- Robust design resistant to wrenching forces


FH62/FH63 series

FPC insertion/extraction by robot. One action lock connector of Hirose Electric which simply inserting FPC/FFC. FH62 has been designed for consumer and portable equipment. FH 63 has been designed for high reliability application because of superior heat resistance and robustness.

- Space-saving design
- Automatic single action lock design
- High FPC retention force
- Easy FPC insertion